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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Independent Spotlight: Shadow Attack (Jeremy Judkins)

Jeremy Judkins - producer/musician/sister-stealer
 Detroit, MI 

Shadow Attack engaged in a poetic expression of erotic asphyxiation .

Jeremy Judkins (Shadow Attack) is a busy man.
That isn't to say he doesn't enjoy the occasional repose, but between producing, performing, recruiting, recording, web designing, promoting, and having a very large hand in the management of DeepBlip Records ( A local Detroit independent digital music distribution company ) … down-time is sparse.
But in this case, the serious amount of focus and attention Shadow Attack lends to his work is nothing short of a blessing. I have never met an individual more focused and intent on doing whatever it takes to successfully do what he likes to do best;

Make no mistake, Shadow Attack WILL have sex with your sister.

Born in '86, Shadow Attack has been in a wide variety of acts that definitely run the gamut on genres. Intent on having a more direct hand in creation, he ventured off on his own into the dank, underground world of the Detroit electronic scene.   
Not entirely alone, though. Jeremy is just one of many in a group of excellent artists, performers and producers who belong to a digital distribution company by the name of DeepBlip Records. Jeremy, not being content with only the performance aspect of the scene, and determined to have an entirely hands-on approach to the music industry both local and onward, organized the building of DeepBlip Records with the help of some close mates and other ambitious local artists.

Any sane artist's source of inspiration...riddling which root vegetable will best fit inside your sister.
Be warned.

Shadow Attack's music stands out to me in an endless sea of electronic music because of his trademark FOCUS. The man is nothing if not prolific. His tracks are polished, refined, glitched-the-fuck-out and professional. We could use more people like him in the music industry, with his will-do attitude and hands on approach.
His newest full-length 'The Transit of Venus' is now available on DeepBlip Records.  Check it out, and peruse the rest of his extensive catalog as well, either via any of my numerous and shameless plugs found throughout this spotlight, or here;

Yeah, Fuck You.

Oh, right, and did I mention this is all completely free?  Well, it is.
Get at Shadow Attack, don't be a fool.

I'm finished,


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